Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

I first met Bruce Lipton at a Chiropractic conference in Dublin, hosted at the Dublin Conventional Centre. Dublin is a magnificent town with a lot of history and stories around which can spoil the curious mind. (Want to know more about Dublin? “click here“)

But more importantly, I met a new hero of mine. His name is “Dr. Bruce H. Lipton”.
Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, he gave us an inspiring talk about how everything we thought about the human genome/genes/DNA, is not as we thought it to be.

(I´m just gonna simplify a little bit for the sake of text) => It is known that the nucleuses in every single cell is the power house that makes protein when demanded by signals that are sent both intrinsic and extrinsic of the cell, and it also carries the possibility for a cell to replicate known as mitosis. I was taught that everything else in that cell will not function without the nucleus. But research has shown that the cell can indeed function without the nucleus. The exciting bit is that it is not the our genes that control how we turn out to be. The gene function as a blueprint, much like a blueprint for building a house. It gives certain information of the structures where to go, what colour, and where the doors should be. But what we decorate the interior of the house is all down to how we feel like and what we like.

What we have been taught all our lives in biology is now being discussed by Dr. Bruce H.Lipton in a new and unique way, at least that is how I feel and in a way that is refreshing and exciting. I have put down a video from Youtube for the more curious minds, and also his web page.

I would recommend to everybody who is a little curious about how we as humans works. How feelings and all the things around us can have an influence on how our internal body reacts to it.

Youtube Video of Bruce H.Lipton talking about – Biology of Belief (70min)

Bruce H.Lipton’s web page – www.brucelipton.com

Dublin, ECU conference 2014, Bruce Lipton


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