Why eat Superfood?
If you don´t know what superfoods are, let me tell you that you are probably eating some of it already. Superfoods are living foods. Foods that have not been tampered with by the big corporations into processed food or fast food. Food that comes from mother nature. Natural soil rich with nutrients so the plant can be full of essential nutrients.

“How do you nourish your body? Fast food? Processed food? Or ‘al a naturale’? Do you want to be healthy or sick?”

Food don´t only fill you up, but did you know that food can energize you and help you feel more awake and focused. The choice of food can also help you to decrease the time you have to stay bedridden due to seasonal diseases. Superfoods can help you do be healthier!

Your choice to juice, make smoothies, make healthy soups and salads. Eat nuts, and bake your own bread, instead of buying everything already done from the store. Small changes can lead to something big. It takes about 21 days for a new habit to become natural routine. I challenge you!

In general, superfoods are natural! The more natural, the better! If you are interested in food and diet, this is definitely a website to browse!

Good overview on superfoods:
– Green Superfoods
– Fruit and Nut Superfoods
– Bee Superfoods
– Seawead Superfoods
– Herb Superfoods


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