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Me and Chiropractic:
There are currently 3 chiropractic schools in the UK to my knowledge, 2 Diversified Chiropractic schools (Bournemouth & Cardiff/Trefforest), and one McTimony Chiropractic school.

I graduated from the University of South Wales, at the WIOC, “The Welsh Institute Of Chiropractic“.

How can you become a chiropractor, and what I thought of the education:
Chiropractic education was very different from what I first had in mind. I graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC), and I have to say that I was surprised by the amount of hours this course required of me. I did not imagine that I had to study on average 40-45h per week. If you are interested in becoming a chiropractor I would strongly recommend you to visit this page “” and download the pdf which can be found under “Status of the Chiropractic Profession“, or just click on the link supplied to download the pdf => “The Current Status of the Chiropractic Profession“. This pdf will show you a sample of subjects taught in a typical semester‐based chiropractic program, by year and number of hours. Have in mind that this is only a sample and the time table may as well be different depending on the university, but it should roughly have the same outline. I would recommend you to contact with the university you are interested in. If you so decide to take upon the fantastic role of becoming a chiropractic practitioner I will tell you now that it is a wonderful journey if you are interested in helping people.

I originally wanted to study to become a nurse, but due to circumstances and a friend of mine who convinced me that chiropractic would be a better rout for me, I started to pursue the reality of becoming a chiropractor without any hesitation. At that time, I did not completely understand what the profession entailed besides from what I have heard from my friend. What I didn’t know was that these 5 years would turn out to be some of the most fantastic years of my life. It has completely transformed my life and given me a purpose, and I’m proud that I can say that I have found a purpose because I believe that most people walk through life without even realizing what they really want to do. Here is what I can tell you:

You can’t help everybody in life unfortunately, but for those people you CAN help, if you really want to help people, whether it is to make them happy, to help them achieve what they have not been able to do because of injuries, or you want to help people enjoy life by sharing with them the wonders of our body. Then, Chiropractic is definitely a good choice for you!

But without having me trying to explain to you any further, I decided to share this video with you. This video is mostly in french with English subtitles. It will be discussing about why we are in possession of a intricate nervous system, the function of it. What the consequences are if there is something wrong with the spine, and also an earlier mortality rate if there is excess curvature of your upper trunk or also called hunched over posture. At the end it also shows you how powerful Chiropractic can be for patients with neurological problems. Watch this video and judge it for yourself, enjoy!

I really hope that you decide to watch the whole video, whether you a hungry for new knowledge,  curious about Chiropractic, or maybe you are in need of Chiropractic care. This video will cut through a big chunk of what I believe we do as Chiropractors.  Hope you’ll enjoy!

Also for Chiropractic students, this video is a MUST watch for you if you still don´t understand what you can do in the future!!

Please comment, or send me a message if you have any questions and I will try to answer them.

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Studying Chiropractic is very intense. On the WIOC´s homepage you will find that it states that we use on average 20hours per week on lectures, practicals, tutorials, laboratory, or clinical work depending on the topic.
The amount of time you have to be spending in your free time have not been taken into account (my average 40-45 hours). I’m a witness to this and you can´t just attend the lectures and expect to pass this course. This is unless you possess some divine power or have the exceptional memory of Kim Peek, you will certainly fail, without fail. But hey, all the best and good luck!

If you do have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me!


-Ray- 03.02.16


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