Welcome to this website and congratulations! I presume that you also possess a curious mind since you are here.

My goals and intentions  is to shed some light and understanding on what I perceive as important for achieving a good quality of health and life. I mean, have you ever felt tired even though you’ve done everything possible to regain more energy throughout the days? Have you ever felt frustrated because there are more “to do lists” in your life then you actually can manage? Have you ever felt that you can do so much better in life, but you just don´t know where to start?

Let me tell you that I have been struggling with many of the same questions and therefore I’m going to try to help you by touching on to subjects/topics such as:

How to be MORE ENERGIZED and LESS TIRED. Time management, MORE TIME by altering HABITS. Procrastination vs BEING PROACTIVE. Why EXERCISE is BENEFICIAL. Why GOOD NUTRITION/SLEEP/REST can help.  How to improve your Mental Health,  and non the least about

These are just few of the topics I´m going to talk about because these topics are the ones that I have encountered in my life that I have find hard,  consuming, draining. I have worked non stop to achieve better results and to continuously improve upon these topics. I have already used a lifetime on for example; how to be more energized and less tired, stop procrastination, get more achievements and I believe I’ve got the answer for it now.

I believe by constantly being curious and exploring the different dimensions and aspects on this so called journey of life, I have found the topics highlighted above in bold, to help me in many aspects of this weird and wonderful journey. I feel it is my turn to try and help people and to share my journey with as many of you as possible.

If you explore my webpage you will find the topics mentioned above and you will also come find my mentors or people I like to call “Great Minds”. This is because I have been able to find sanctuary in parts of my life by reading their books and exploring their work.

Without further ado, I will let you explore this website and share with you my wonderful journey so far.


Health and Life Quality.

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