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When talking about  Health, we HAVE to talk about nutrition since it is a huge part of it.

Have you ever wondered about WHAT to eat, and HOW MUCH in terms of proteins, sugar, fat, fibers, vitamins, minerals, yadda yadda yadda, badda bing bada boom? Don´t you find it tiring?

I find it TIRING that the MEDIA is constantly bombarding us with what food is best to eat, what food have the best nutritional value, and brands and so on and so forth. If you are like me, getting tired by all this fad, I highly recommend you to STOP listening to the mass media and start to find books, OR articles that are supported by research. A good example of such a book is “The China Study“. This book is after my opinion, based on sound research. “click on the link if you want to know more”.

Now, I´m not here to spout or force feed you with my opinions and views on what Good Health/Optimal Health is or what you should do in order to obtain it. I´m only trying to inform you because I myself am very interested in having a good health, and so by being updated on evidence based research helps me to stay on my toes and you wont believe the energy I have experienced!

I started to understand the human body a little better when I embarked on my journey to become a chiropractor, and the knowledge and insight I have acquired has helped me and also changed my opinion and views on many things. Nutrition is one of them, which means that it is only the last 4 years I have been largely focused on the nutritional aspects of my life. I used to believe that life was too short to be on any types of diet. I ate literally whatever I could come across and was a real food junkie. My diet included a lot of fast food, restaurants, pubs, processed food from the local store, soda/lemonade etc. However, when I started to notice how fast my “love handles” developed, I quickly realized that I’m not going to be young forever and it was about time to do something about it. Even though I always have been fit to some degree, I noticed that my cardio and general health was affected. I also have suffered with hives since the age of 18. (Hives is a very annoying allergy which causes severe itching all over the body)

Nutrition has certainly been a big factor in regulating my weight and also helped me with reducing my medication I have been taking for my hives. Now, as I said, nutrition is a big part of achieving good health, but there are several other “keys” in my opinion to Good Health/Optimal Health.