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Functional Training

Functional Exercise (Shaolin monks)

What is Functional Training?
Functional training is a form of exercise that uses smooth movements, softness in movements to utilize the kinetic chain/muscles that work together during any movement patterns. This is in order  to react faster and smoother when performing a given any tasks. This is especially important for those who practices martial arts. The whole body working as one instead of isolating muscles like most body builders do.

People who are suffering from low back pain can benefit from these kind of exercise to prevent future low back pain episodes, shoulder issues, neck issues, knee issues etc.. but I would recommend that this is done under supervision of an expert and not through Youtube videos. If it is new to you, you need to take it step by step, because one needs to learn to walk before one can run.

Why Functional Training
Heard of a man named Ido Portal? This man is at the pinnacle of functional training or movement training. He is also the man who helped Conor McGregor, the current champion of the featherweight division in UFC with aspects of his training. Other great minds within functional movement, Naudi Aguilar, founder of functional patterns.

Functional training is grooving your everyday movement patterns such as bending down to pick something up from the floor, reaching up to the cabinet, walking or running.

You will be surprised by how many I see at my clinic that comes in with severe low back pain due to something as mundane as picking up a letter of the floor. Why does this happen? Because a strong core is the basis of every possible movement. When you start an arm movement or leg movement, your core should be reacting by contracting to stabilize the lower spine. So imagine people who lacks core strength. When performing a bending task and one lacks core strength the lower back spine will be put in a vulnerable state to mechanical stresses. If this is repeated throughout a prolonged period of time, that can eventually end symptoms such as pain. This is due to a whole cascade of neurological processes which in essence end up in faulty muscle pattern, which then will tighten up muscles that should not be too tight and your low back will end up into spasms. Some people may know it better as repetitive strain injury.

The concept of functional training have now been further developed to be used by fighters who compete in “UFC” as mentioned earlier.¬† (ufcgym.com)


I’ve attached a video to give you an example:


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