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Proprioception exercises

What is Proprioception?
Proprioception is like a navigation system you have in your car (GPS – Global Positioning System).  Your brain is the navigation system, and the roads on the navigation system is the nervous system of your body. The roads connects cities to each other, just as your nerves from your brain connects to all the organs and muscles of your body.

Nervous system

Imagine there´s a traffic jam, or a road that is closed due to some unforeseen circumstances. What will happen? Delay? Swap to perhaps a longer car journey than expected? Or in some cases, you can´t get to your destination due to the only road there was closed. If this happens to the nervous system due to mechanical changes and adaptation from earlier damage, e.i. falls or car accidents etc. It is researched upon that certain neurological changes will takes place on how you will use the muscles in your body. This can in some cases lead to faulty patterns on how you use your muscles day to day, and eventually lead to muscles that should not preform a given task to fall under stress and get injured, which will results in symptoms of pain, like for example low back pain. This will be called a typical repetitive strain injury.

Research done by Heidi Haavik can now confirm that chiropractic adjustments can help to reset the blocked roads of the nervous system in order to “reset” how the muscles should work.