Smoothies and Juices

Why is Juice or Smoothie so healthy?

It seems like the internet is bombarded with this topic these days, which makes me wonder… Why should I really juice or make smoothies?

The interesting thing with smoothies:

  • Invented as early as the 1920’s, due to more families had access to the newly invented refrigerator.
  • The fridge made it possible to preserve fruits and vegetables longer than usual and was thus a great way to store more in the house.

Why is Smoothies and Juice claimed to be healthy?

Nature have been supplying us with natural food which enriches our bodies with vitamins and minerals aiding the body to function at its best. Having a smoothie or a juice is an easy, quick, and great way for anyone who wants to be healthy to stay healthy.

“Once upon a time, all food was organic”

“We are what we eat” is a common phrase. I may not be one to talk about this topic without being a hypocrite, but this is a thing that stands close to my heart. Many of you may not have heard of Jack Lalanne who was the front figure for making smoothies popular in America, the same time as Arnold Schwarzenegger was working towards body building to become Mr Olympia, was the first who introduced smoothies into the diet.

Today, we all know that smoothies and juice can benefit in the way of supplying our body with the right building blocks so we can thrive and our body have the right proteins to recover from training or to build muscles. If you have the right juice/smoothies, it can even speed up injuries.

Quick on Why I juice:

  • Don´t need to change my normal diet, only adding juice and smoothie as supplements.
  • Immune fighting capabilities/strengthening my immune system. (Not been severely ill, or had a severe bout of flu for over the past 3 years, since I started to juice)
  • Right building blocks for all the cells in my body, so I can go to the gym, make a smoothie/juice and be refreshed and replenished for the evening/the next day.
  • Cancer fighting capabilities my smoothie/juice indigence.
  • Increases mood, and energy levels, which increases sex life!
  • Positive effect on improving my quality of life and pro-activity
  • Most important, it makes me feel super awesome!

Juices and smoothies have another superb effect, which is the synergistic effects of the phytochemicals natural in the food. It is this synergistic effect that give you an abundance of health benefits like:

“Reduced risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, Alzheimer disease, cataracts, and some of the functional declines associated with aging.

Prevention is a more effective strategy than is treatment of chronic diseases.”
(Re: article 2003 American Society for Clinical Nutrition)

There are many reasons for doing whatever you want to do and now you got my reason to why I juice and make smoothies. It is simply a part of my lifestyle.

As a bonus I will include a video a friend of mine posted:
(Be aware, it is over an hour long video. Worth watching!)

Kin Fai Ng (Ray)



Such an old Latin word which stood for “keep busy/practice“. Today, the word “exercise” is maybe related to the word “chore“, and I believe that today’s society is engulfed with more work and stress than ever and hence less time for exercise and fun.

I understand how hard it can be to fit exercise into a busy day, but luckily there is 7 days in one week and I really believe it is down to having some really good routines. A sad fact is that people usually don´t see the benefit of exercise, or anything that can benefit them in the long term for that matter. When we are busy and have our attention on so many other aspects of our life, it is easy to lose focus and do what to be the most comfortable and convenient, but what if I told you that with having exercise in your daily routine, you will actually have:

More energy, Sleep better, Think more Clearly, Control your Weight, Combat Health Conditions and Diseases, Improve Mood, Better Sex Life, and actually Feel Better About Yourself?

Are you ready to schedule exercise into your weekly routine, or you still don´t believe me? (Here is another blogger who have written about this topic in more detail).

Knowing is not enough, we must Apply
Willing is not enough, we must Do!
-Bruce Lee-

I was meant to say that the benefits mentioned above is all based on sound research. I encourage you to do some research if in doubt. A good tool to use for this is “google scholar“. Just write “benefit of exercise” on the search bar and see what pops up! Most articles are hard to read, and most articles only gives you the abstract unless you want to use money and buy them. If you should find access to a whole article I would recommend you to stay to the abstract which is usually found on the 1’st page, and also the results or discussion which is usually the last page before references. Enjoy!

Did you know that you lose grey matter (brain cells), by being sat still or stood still over a very long period of time repeatedly? In other words, a sedentary life style really can be detrimental to your health and well being. Additionally if you are suffering from low back pain the likelihood of reduced amount of grey matter is also increased, compared to healthy low backs!
Exercise will really do you good!
– –

Functional Training

Functional Exercise (Shaolin monks)

What is Functional Training?
Functional training is a form of exercise that uses smooth movements, softness in movements to utilize the kinetic chain/muscles that work together during any movement patterns. This is in order  to react faster and smoother when performing a given any tasks. This is especially important for those who practices martial arts. The whole body working as one instead of isolating muscles like most body builders do.

People who are suffering from low back pain can benefit from these kind of exercise to prevent future low back pain episodes, shoulder issues, neck issues, knee issues etc.. but I would recommend that this is done under supervision of an expert and not through Youtube videos. If it is new to you, you need to take it step by step, because one needs to learn to walk before one can run.

Why Functional Training
Heard of a man named Ido Portal? This man is at the pinnacle of functional training or movement training. He is also the man who helped Conor McGregor, the current champion of the featherweight division in UFC with aspects of his training. Other great minds within functional movement, Naudi Aguilar, founder of functional patterns.

Functional training is grooving your everyday movement patterns such as bending down to pick something up from the floor, reaching up to the cabinet, walking or running.

You will be surprised by how many I see at my clinic that comes in with severe low back pain due to something as mundane as picking up a letter of the floor. Why does this happen? Because a strong core is the basis of every possible movement. When you start an arm movement or leg movement, your core should be reacting by contracting to stabilize the lower spine. So imagine people who lacks core strength. When performing a bending task and one lacks core strength the lower back spine will be put in a vulnerable state to mechanical stresses. If this is repeated throughout a prolonged period of time, that can eventually end symptoms such as pain. This is due to a whole cascade of neurological processes which in essence end up in faulty muscle pattern, which then will tighten up muscles that should not be too tight and your low back will end up into spasms. Some people may know it better as repetitive strain injury.

The concept of functional training have now been further developed to be used by fighters who compete in “UFC” as mentioned earlier.  (


I’ve attached a video to give you an example:

Last updated [15.05.16]

Muscle Directory

Working with a closed kinetic chain e.i. individual muscles are great for many reasons. If you have any muscular imbalances in the shoulder, knee, upper body, lower body etc. You can use closed kinetic chain exercises to regain balance. I would recommend it to everybody who are under rehabilitation for specific injuries of e.i. the shoulder, elbow, wrist,  or of the hip, knee, ankle regions.

Closed kinetic chain exercises are also great for building definition for different muscle groups.

If you want to make an exercise program and you feel like you don’t know where to begin, I highly recommend the web-pages below as help. But remember, the best help is to ask somebody experienced.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 11.10.49 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 11.11.00 PM

Proprioception exercises

What is Proprioception?
Proprioception is like a navigation system you have in your car (GPS – Global Positioning System).  Your brain is the navigation system, and the roads on the navigation system is the nervous system of your body. The roads connects cities to each other, just as your nerves from your brain connects to all the organs and muscles of your body.

Nervous system

Imagine there´s a traffic jam, or a road that is closed due to some unforeseen circumstances. What will happen? Delay? Swap to perhaps a longer car journey than expected? Or in some cases, you can´t get to your destination due to the only road there was closed. If this happens to the nervous system due to mechanical changes and adaptation from earlier damage, e.i. falls or car accidents etc. It is researched upon that certain neurological changes will takes place on how you will use the muscles in your body. This can in some cases lead to faulty patterns on how you use your muscles day to day, and eventually lead to muscles that should not preform a given task to fall under stress and get injured, which will results in symptoms of pain, like for example low back pain. This will be called a typical repetitive strain injury.

Research done by Heidi Haavik can now confirm that chiropractic adjustments can help to reset the blocked roads of the nervous system in order to “reset” how the muscles should work.



The first step towards knowledge is to know that we are ignorant
Richard Cecil

It is known to man that in order to spend more time in happiness and freedom one will require a certain kind of mindset. The power each and everyone has over their own mind is unbelievable and incalculable, and literally bottomless. The ones that think they have hit the bottom, you probably have, but there is always an option. An option to opt out, to do something better, to improve. In the end, if one hit bottom, the only way from there is pretty much up. But how do we get up from the bottom?

It is no secret that we all possess the power to achieve whatever we want. It is the moment we set limits to our challenges that we have the chance to hit rock bottom. Many people have said this, and yes, I shall say it again! Don´t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits!

The thing is, your mind which is your brain, if you don´t challenge it intellectually, physically, as well as nurturing it, it will at some point switch to autopilot mode. I mean, how many have experienced this autopilot mode, that they look at their own life as a movie where they are playing the role as spectators in their own life? Being passive as life goes by? Let me tell you that I have been in this period where I merely existed and did not truly live. It was not until I started to challenge myself, intellectually, physically and as well as nurturing my body that I slowly started to change! If I can do it, I’m certain that anybody can!

Now, are you curious about “How to challenge your mind? And how to shift your mindset?” I’m no expert, but if you will let me, I will share my experience of what I know so far and how I believe to acquire a powerful mindset!

I have tried to divide my experiences into a few chapters. There are no certain order to what to read first or last, and it is entirely up to you how you want to read this.

Chapter 1 –
Chapter 2 –
Chapter 3 –
Chapter 4 –
Chapter 5 –

If you want to join me on this journey, I will have to let you know that quick fixes belongs in the categories of fairy tales. This journey is going to be long, but changes is never easy, and every journey no matter how tough or hard it is, it will begin with a single step. If you are looking for “quick fixes”, I salute you for being affected by today’s microwave culture, and that you probably are wishing for a “fairy tail”! But if you feel you have the perseverance and willpower to look for the changes and the future you deserve, then I hope I can help you and hopefully inspire you to make your first steps towards it by sharing my journey.

You must know that personally, I approach the human body holistically.

Holism is an ancient health care tradition that was largely forgotten in the last century. It recognizes the patient as an entity comprised of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components. Without encompassing all these, successful treatment is unlikely.
Doc Evans


Wiki Common

When talking about  Health, we HAVE to talk about nutrition since it is a huge part of it.

Have you ever wondered about WHAT to eat, and HOW MUCH in terms of proteins, sugar, fat, fibers, vitamins, minerals, yadda yadda yadda, badda bing bada boom? Don´t you find it tiring?

I find it TIRING that the MEDIA is constantly bombarding us with what food is best to eat, what food have the best nutritional value, and brands and so on and so forth. If you are like me, getting tired by all this fad, I highly recommend you to STOP listening to the mass media and start to find books, OR articles that are supported by research. A good example of such a book is “The China Study“. This book is after my opinion, based on sound research. “click on the link if you want to know more”.

Now, I´m not here to spout or force feed you with my opinions and views on what Good Health/Optimal Health is or what you should do in order to obtain it. I´m only trying to inform you because I myself am very interested in having a good health, and so by being updated on evidence based research helps me to stay on my toes and you wont believe the energy I have experienced!

I started to understand the human body a little better when I embarked on my journey to become a chiropractor, and the knowledge and insight I have acquired has helped me and also changed my opinion and views on many things. Nutrition is one of them, which means that it is only the last 4 years I have been largely focused on the nutritional aspects of my life. I used to believe that life was too short to be on any types of diet. I ate literally whatever I could come across and was a real food junkie. My diet included a lot of fast food, restaurants, pubs, processed food from the local store, soda/lemonade etc. However, when I started to notice how fast my “love handles” developed, I quickly realized that I’m not going to be young forever and it was about time to do something about it. Even though I always have been fit to some degree, I noticed that my cardio and general health was affected. I also have suffered with hives since the age of 18. (Hives is a very annoying allergy which causes severe itching all over the body)

Nutrition has certainly been a big factor in regulating my weight and also helped me with reducing my medication I have been taking for my hives. Now, as I said, nutrition is a big part of achieving good health, but there are several other “keys” in my opinion to Good Health/Optimal Health.

Great Minds

In every profession, whether it is healthcare, sport, science, nutrition, business, self development, etc., you will always find people who can be referred to as “guru´s” or the “go to persons“. These individuals have such a profound understanding within their fields that it is scary and mind boggling! I have many times bewildered myself and gotten lost in their beautiful, adventurous way of minds. If I could only steal an hour of their time and have a chat with them, I would be the luckiest man in the world!

The people whom I want to call guru’s or “The Great Minds” are a few. I have not made a complete list to date, but then again I’m thinking, will the list ever be completed?

I have included a list of people that has influenced me and has given me meaning and guidance in certain aspects of my life. These people have helped me to refine my thoughts and also guided me massively in the method/approach I have on healthcare and how I treat. These people are to my oppinion “The Great Minds“!



Why eat Superfood?
If you don´t know what superfoods are, let me tell you that you are probably eating some of it already. Superfoods are living foods. Foods that have not been tampered with by the big corporations into processed food or fast food. Food that comes from mother nature. Natural soil rich with nutrients so the plant can be full of essential nutrients.

“How do you nourish your body? Fast food? Processed food? Or ‘al a naturale’? Do you want to be healthy or sick?”

Food don´t only fill you up, but did you know that food can energize you and help you feel more awake and focused. The choice of food can also help you to decrease the time you have to stay bedridden due to seasonal diseases. Superfoods can help you do be healthier!

Your choice to juice, make smoothies, make healthy soups and salads. Eat nuts, and bake your own bread, instead of buying everything already done from the store. Small changes can lead to something big. It takes about 21 days for a new habit to become natural routine. I challenge you!

In general, superfoods are natural! The more natural, the better! If you are interested in food and diet, this is definitely a website to browse!

Good overview on superfoods:
– Green Superfoods
– Fruit and Nut Superfoods
– Bee Superfoods
– Seawead Superfoods
– Herb Superfoods

Janda’s Approach to chronic pain syndromes

Dr. Vladimir Janda was a Czech neurologist and physiatrist. He retired as the Director of the physiotherapy school at the Charles University 3rd Faculty of Medicine in 2000. Janda has done extensive clinical research on the pathogenesis and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain. He is known around the world for his concepts of muscle imbalance, and continued to be active in clinical practice, research, and lecturing until his death in November, 2002.   Janda’s approach to the evaluation and management of chronic musculoskeletal pain focuses on the importance of the central nervous system in mediating chronic pain through neuromuscular imbalance.

Health and Life Quality.